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Opened by Yop Solo - 2018-02-11
Last edited by Thanatermesis - 2018-05-06

FS#675 - Make install procedure more clear

I use the USB image on a dual boot laptop.

Maybe I’m wrong but I think the install software is a shell script using a lot of dialog boxes.
It’s powerful, cute and original at this time where all others use the same software installer. Unfortunately it’s weak in ergonomy.

First blocking is about (non-)payment procedure. Use accounts, serial numbers, etc. Whatever but it’s not clear about those who wants to pay, those who already paid and those who won’t pay. Closing the web browser frame is not obvious.

Second is when I want to keep some partitions. Help looks like a choice. choice is always automatic when I want to keep control, etc. writing on my partitions is always frightening and the script is not very reassuring.

Last is hardware support and software options : no way to go back.

Just my $0.02, have a nice day.

Closed by  Thanatermesis
06.05.2018 23:03
Reason for closing:  Fixed
Thanatermesis commented on 11.02.2018 19:22


The payment process is: In the past elive was only possible to install making a donation to get an installer-module (proof of payment), this is how the old stable still working (not going to update it), the actual beta versions and next stable this dont want to be a requeriment, so the donation is entirely optional, the non-obvious part is more or less intended, there's no change if you don't pay (before you needed to watch a 5-minutes slider explanation, but this stopped some users to continue the installation because they were bored I assume, so if you now close the browser, the installation simply continues).

As I said, this can be a way to motivate the users to donate and not stopping them to be able to install, if you have some suggestions or more clearer messages I listen them :)

About the partitions, you have the choice for automated partitioning which will delete your disk after you confirm it, or to select manually each partition that you want to use, with confirm dialogs too in the next dialogs too, maybe i should ask in the first dialog a message saying "you will select the filesystem later" or something like that... what is exactly the confusing/frightening parts? what do you suggest?

Correct, no way to go back in the steps due to some limitation of the tool and the dialogs, like in the software options, but you can always cancel or reinstall (or use the upgrade-mode which is much more automated) if you want to improve some installation detail

Thanks for your reports and suggestions

Yop Solo commented on 13.02.2018 04:09

I watched the slider while it was installing. I downloaded a file at the end and I don't know what to do with it. (Nothing I guess :) )

Popping up the slide show before Mario Wars might be a good thing.
The sliders on the webpage talked a lot to me : I could see how obvious $1 was not enough and moreover you allow me to push more one feature than another. I wish I could see it before downloading.

To me, the help looks like a choice and not an help. It's the wrong kind of dialog box. Moreover you talk much about virtualization, saying it's faster than installing on metal. I can tell you than Elive is much slower in Virtualbox in my laptop than straight on my laptop... But that's not the point. The point is : if you don't have a special option for installing the machine in a VM, why do you talk about it ? Maybe I missed something ? This leads, from my point of view, to a smaller help. Example :

At the next step you'll to choose between one of these options:
  - Erase totally your hard drive and make a clean install of Elive (recommended, make a backup BEFORE!)
  - Let the installer recognize any previous Linux installation and upgrade it automagically to Elive (nothing will be deleted without your consent, always do a backup for the peace of mind!)
  - I run GParted and you do what you want (expert only, you are warned!!!)

Note : I got the partition mounting selection only after the GParted way.

Cancelling and restarting the procedure from the beginning and having again to go through the paying procedure and play again with Luigi which is always jumping on me ??? Humm...
BTW Chromium BSU (the game) seem buggy (black screen, don't close correctly, changes my screen resolution after reboot) and modified (I don't remember the Trump faces from previous versions).

The text (ncurse ?) install of Debian use a master menu opening several submenus. This way, it's always possible to go back to a previous step. Is something like this possible with your script ?

I hope all this is useful for you. I see that you made a great work and I'm talking about details. :)

Thanatermesis commented on 06.05.2018 23:03

The installer has been pretty much improved, no more bsu-chromium, wording are much better

unfortunately not possible to have "back" features in the installer, just for some steps (like wrong password inserted)

please try the newer version with updated installer :)

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