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7132018-08-092.x (beta's)Bug Reportemodule-places dont show SD cardsNew
2018-08-094.0 Task Description

In my old nettop ‘Acer aspire one’, the inserted SD memory card of my photo camera doesn’t shows in emodule-places unless “only ermovable devices” option is unset

Seems like we need to specify these values in cases that it is one of these cards, but in any case is needed to debug the output to see what it looks like

6542017-03-152.x (beta's)Feature RequestUEFI boot mode requestResearching
2018-01-034.0 Task Description

Latest version (2.8.6 Beta) . Be good to have possibility to boot into UEFI (not only standard BIOS).
A self signed key is fine as 90% of machines will allow this.

Notes: self signed key is the requirement for the “Secure Boot” part

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