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 676 2018-02-182.x (beta's)Bug Report caps lock don't affect top row numbers and special char ...Closed
2018-05-063.0 Task Description

azerty Belgian period keyboard

Language setting: English
keyboard setting: Belgium

On this type of keyboard if you need numbers you have to use shift. This works but when using caps lock it doensn’t tis only effect the numbers and special chars. not for the normal letters there it works fine as it should.

This is tested on 2 laptops and both have the same problem so it isn’t a hardware problem.

 669 2018-01-072.x (beta's)Bug Report not trusted download using the usb tool Closed
2018-01-103.0 Task Description

after creating the bootable usb with the elive tool the img isn’t trusted and therefor can’t be installed or upgrade systems

 666 2018-01-032.x (beta's)Bug Report Numlock doesn't enable on boot Closed
2020-10-053.0 Task Description

While booting numlock doesn’t enable this could be handy for passwords

 664 2017-12-042.x (beta's)Bug Report hsqldb missing in LibreOffice base Closed
2018-01-033.0 Task Description

When creating a DB in libreOffice base you get loads of errors.

It can be helped by installing

sudo apt-get install libreoffice-sdbc-hsqldb

this maybe included in the next beta

 663 2017-11-302.x (beta's)Feature Request Easy uninstall Closed
2018-05-064.0 Task Description

on the menu when you want to uninstall an app right click with a drop down and uninstall

 662 2017-11-302.x (beta's)Bug Report Timezone wrong Closed
2017-12-283.0 Task Description

With the 2.9.18 upgrade the timezone is off with 1 hour.

 659 2017-08-262.x (beta's)Feature Request Backbutton in install Closed
2017-08-263.0 Task Description

a back button is needed in during the installation progress

 655 2017-03-312.x (beta's)Bug Report Unlocking failed Closed
2017-08-06 Task Description

Locked “System” → “Lock”

went away for a couple of minutes came back and give in my pwd in de textbox. After pressing enter it tried to unluck but seems the program went in an loop, this for several minutes.

I was able to switch and log in in other TTY’s login no problem rebooted and was then able to login in the gui.

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