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7612022-02-093.0Bug ReportAuto hibernate featureNew
2022-02-09 Task Description

In the stable version the computer automatically suspend / hibernate on low battery, I think we don’t have this feature in new versions of Elive since we don’t use e17 here, so implement this feature, using:


* use elive-pm tool
* feature elive-pm to create a temporal swap file if there’s no swap partition
* auto-detect we are not using the E17 (or other) feature
* what if we are in live mode?
* what if battery doesn’t works (dead battery, wrong number, or always to 0)

7602022-02-013.0Bug ReportPalemoon should be installed from external repoResearching
2022-02-014.0 Task Description

Just like google chrome, palemoon should be installed from an external repo mode, this will avoid having outdated versions lying out with the want to downgrade too

7562021-03-293.x (beta's)Feature RequestPower management configuratorNew
2021-03-294.0 Task Description

Elive needs a power management configurator for things like:

- behaviour for LID, autodetect also if the HD is mechanic in order to tell the user the dangers of keep runing the computer with the lid closed using those disks
- cpu speeds
- others?

 746 2020-03-103.0Bug Report First boot cannot suspend / hibernate / (shutdown?) cor ...Closed
2020-09-294.0 Task Description

By some reason the first boot doesn’t allows the user to suspend/hiberante, what is the cause?

* debug pm-suspend
* try with e23 first boot
* try with reboot after post-install of eliveinstaller

 732 2019-05-093.0Bug Report Disks health reports doesn't shows correct reports Closed
2019-05-09 Task Description

The new disks health feature doens’t reports the correct values:

❯❯❯ cat /etc/elive/disks-health
 731 2019-05-023.0Bug Report Failsafe mode needed to boot or black screen appears Closed
2019-05-04 Task Description

Hi Luis,

I added this issue in order to know what is the cause that the other options gives you a black screen

To install in failsafe mode could remove some features so if you are able to install it in normal mode it could be better, so let’s investigate the cause

 713 2018-08-092.x (beta's)Bug Report emodule-places dont show SD cards Closed
2020-02-014.0 Task Description

In my old nettop ‘Acer aspire one’, the inserted SD memory card of my photo camera doesn’t shows in emodule-places unless “only ermovable devices” option is unset

Seems like we need to specify these values in cases that it is one of these cards, but in any case is needed to debug the output to see what it looks like

 708 2018-07-092.x (beta's)Bug Report Directory names should be not rewrited when different l ...Closed
2018-07-093.0 Task Description
  • Install the system in Language A
  • New desktop configuration, selecting language B
  • Re-login in destkop, directory names wants to be renamed (not!!)

This is due to some gnome xdg pre-desktop launcher that knows the language of the system but not the one that we have selected in the desktop


  • Brainstorming: on which cases we should want to have the directories renamed? only from elive-topaz (statically english) maybe
 705 2018-07-012.x (beta's)Betatesting Multiple screens betatesting Closed
2018-11-233.0 Task Description

The new multiple screens betatesting is ready to be used, this task will be to better track all that is needed to betatest:

How to use it: Everything should be automated, so just upgrade your system with the command “apug” and restart to a new desktop configuration (from elive menus), which is important too. It should detect that you have multiple screens and ask you to configure them, or use an existing configuration, etc in contrary case you still have the configurator available (only one now, which is an elive tool)

Things to betatest: This is the list:

  1. all the options and behaviours (what if select no, yes, save, not save, remove, etc), this is more or less already betatested by me
  2. try to disconnect the extra screen, reboot computer, your desktop should be equally functional (and I assume not asking/saying anything about)
  3. poweroff again the computer, connect again the extra screen, it should remember that configuration for your second screen and going back to these settings (without asking anything, i assume)
  4. there’s some games that changes your screen resolution (in order to play in fullscreen), if the game exits with an error your desktop is messed up (desktop running in a strange resolution), the normal behaviour is to return to the correct resolution when the game exits correctly, but i dont know if this happens or even if goes to the correct multiscreen mode. Also: a reboot should perfectly return to the normal behaviour
  5. maybe already said before, but switching between “using and not using” the external screen should be not a painful experience (and/or with reboots), it should be “work on the fly”
  6. ecomorph (special effects) should work correctly, except for the “exposé effect” which doesn’t seems to like it so much (confused numbers of desktops, etc, not sure if this one works better after the full implementation)
  7. detail: technically speaking, there’s two launching of the “load screen settings”, one happens before the desktop is loaded and the other when the desktop has started to load... in other words: if there’s a widget/question that asks for anything it should always happen when you already have access to the window controls (including window borders for example)
  8. since i found a strange behavior with the “automated fonts sizing calculation” feature, i include this betatest point: test if the font sizes are not reconfigured “smaller than normal”
  9. we have hotkeys to switch between virtual desktops, do we have a setup for between screens? i just tried to configure a new keyboard hotkey (ctrl + alt + shift + arrows) for switch to another screen 0/1 but doesn’t looks like to work on virtualbox... will need to do test in a real machine (and implement the hotkey in the default configuration)

Notes: if any of these betatests are not working as expected, please include the details of the “steps” about how to reproduce it, and the exact (first words) of the “conflicting” message found

 645 2015-01-152.x (beta's)Bug Report E resolution is fucked sometimes Closed
2017-08-273.0 Task Description

If you run something like “berusky” (small game, which don’t works in fact), it fucks your X resolution without possibility to recover it (BIG BAD BUG)

In short it seems like to: change your E resolution, don’t restore the original one, but E saves and remebers it

We should need a way to detect that the resolution was changed by FOO, when FOO finishes and some seconds passed change the resolution to the original one if we are not on it (not sure if this is possible)

Also, is needed to save the resolution on E confs only when we select to save it, seems like there’s a trigger that saves it automatically, this is very bad :P

Notes: betatest in e19 to see if the bug is solved (and so just cherry-pick the fixes)

 643 2014-12-262.x (beta's)Bug Report Most of .desktop doesn't respect XDG_DATA_DIRS Closed
2017-08-273.0 Task Description

XDG_DATA_DIRS defines the order to where to search for .desktop files, for example we have apulse-skype package that replaces a .desktop that is defined on a previous dir on this variable, this perfectly works if you run skype from menus (skype that requires pulseaudio using a pulseaudio emulator work in alsa-only), but if you run it from engage or from ibar, it doesn’t works (so looks like it gots the .desktop from the default dir instead of the one that we have defined), it doesnt works also from other places like “startup applications”

 642 2014-12-262.x (beta's)Bug Report E17 segfault when browsing the menu Closed
2017-08-273.0 Task Description

After to have opened the menu it frozen and then segfaulted, computer is a nettop, seems like nettops are much more prone to segfault since they are slower :)

 641 2014-12-172.x (beta's)Bug Report EXT4 mount problems in last versions Closed
2017-08-273.0 Task Description

I received these messages on IRC thanks to elmo40, but it doesn’t happens to me as you can see on this screenshot:

Still having the problem ? How I can reproduce it ?

<elmo40> Thanatermesis: did you get the message ?
<elmo40> AlexAnt couldn't read his existing ext4 partition while trying the latest live image.
<elmo40> (2:37:54 PM) AlexAnteMachina: ext4 is an unknown filesystem to elive??? really???
<elmo40> (2:51:41 PM) AlexAnteMachina: thunar rejects to access my hdd
<Thanatermesis> elmo40, thx, ill check that
 640 2014-11-272.x (beta's)Bug Report E segfaults when pressing power button + keyboard keys Closed
2017-08-273.0 Task Description

If you press the power button (which shows a menu option in E to close computer) and extremely-fastly you press any keyboard key, you got a segfault

This can help making it to appear: cd /tmp ; mprime-cpu -t
Also if you add a “drop caches” on that command should help too, giving you more human-time over computer-time

<PrinceAMD> what i think is happening here is
<PrinceAMD> an object is deleted, then a key pressed on the object causes seff
<PrinceAMD> so i think some check is needed in _e_manager_cb_key_down
<PrinceAMD> i'm guessing this is a keybinding bug, so lets say the binding trigger a call of a deleted pointer,
Thread 1 (Thread 0xb5c619a0 (LWP 7261)):
#0  0xb7270607 in pause () at ../sysdeps/unix/syscall-template.S:82
No locals.
#1  0x0807ba9e in e_alert_show () at e_alert.c:38
No locals.
#2  0x08160903 in e_sigseg_act (x=11, info=0xbfe18b8c, data=0xbfe18c0c) at e_signals.c:71
No locals.
#3  <signal handler called>
No symbol table info available.
#4  0x00000020 in ?? ()
No symbol table info available.
#5  0x081479d9 in e_object_del (obj=0x9964768) at e_object.c:54
No locals.
#6  0x080808cf in _e_actions_act_halt_go (obj=0x9678cd8, params=0x0) at e_actions.c:2265
No locals.
#7  0x08089591 in e_bindings_key_down_event_handle (ctxt=E_BINDING_CONTEXT_MANAGER, obj=0x9678cd8, ev=0x996d9e8) at e_bindings.c:514
        act = 0x9894d78
        binding = 0x98cac98
        l = 0x98c9c80
#8  0x0813764c in _e_manager_cb_key_down (data=0x9678cd8, ev_type=50, ev=0x996d9e8) at e_manager.c:758
        man = 0x9678cd8
        e = 0x996d9e8
#9  0xb6f95c2f in _ecore_call_handler_cb (func=0x81375e8 <_e_manager_cb_key_down>, data=0x9678cd8, type=50, event=0x996d9e8) at lib/ecore/ecore_private.h:359
        r = 1 '\001'
#10 0xb6f96b6a in _ecore_event_call () at lib/ecore/ecore_events.c:562
        ret = 1 '\001'
        e = 0x9a8ca58
        handle_count = 2
        l = 0x0
        l_next = 0x0
        eh = 0x95e1df0
#11 0xb6fa1167 in _ecore_main_loop_iterate_internal (once_only=0) at lib/ecore/ecore_main.c:1942
        next_time = 0.24938403899795958
#12 0xb6f9f419 in ecore_main_loop_begin () at lib/ecore/ecore_main.c:983
No locals.
#13 0x08078164 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbfe1a284) at e_main.c:1138
        nostartup = 0 '\000'
        safe_mode = 0 '\000'
        after_restart = 1 '\001'
        waslocked = 0 '\000'
        t = 1417114627.236887
        tstart = 1417114627.236887
        s = 0x0
        buff = "1417114627.2\000\277{\267@\304z\267\001\000\000\000\000\020e\266\240\221", <incomplete sequence \341\277>
        action = {__sigaction_handler = {sa_handler = 0x8160988 <e_sigabrt_act>, sa_sigaction = 0x8160988 <e_sigabrt_act>}, sa_mask = {__val = {0 <repeats 32 times>}}, sa_flags = -1073741820, sa_restorer = 0xbfe18fd0}
        __FUNCTION__ = "main"
 636 2014-08-302.x (beta's)Bug Report windows moves to the first screen Closed
2017-08-263.0 Task Description

You said recently that you have found the cause of the bug where teh windwos are positioned in the first screen (xinerama) when looking at something else about borders?, but i still having the bug around, did you commited the fix ?

 634 2014-08-282.x (beta's)Bug Report Chromium problem with moving tabs Closed
2014-08-283.0 Task Description
I’ve noticed something with the tabs and windows in chromium that u might find interesting :)
Chromium ‘bugs’ with handling from one instance tab → window → another instance tab

This bug happens since some update of chromium in debian wheezy, 35.0.1916.153-1~deb7u1, it works with the previous version 34.0.1847.116-1~deb7u1

 633 2014-08-222.x (beta's)Bug Report urxvt from thunar shows wrong colours Closed
2017-08-273.0 Task Description

If you open terminal from thunar, which is assigned to urxvt, the colors theme is not considered, it doesn’t read our .Xdefaults file ?

 631 2014-08-092.x (beta's)Bug Report Audio card configurator happens twice Closed
2017-08-273.0 Task Description

In my thinkpad laptop, if i run wizard (new .e) i got the audio configurator that asks me twice, see if this happens after to upgrade to 3.0-rc

 630 2014-08-052.x (beta's)Bug Report gimp don't edit raw files Closed
2017-08-063.0 Task Description

There’s multiple packages on gimp for edit raw files, we need to know which one to include (betatesting)

 628 2014-08-022.x (beta's)Bug Report Keyboard language is ignored if /etc/default/keyboard i ...Closed
2017-08-273.0 Task Description

Try to reproduce:

- /etc/default/keyboard is set to “es” - configure E to use US instead
- when you restart e17 is set back to ES

Note: use a new elive install, which sets correctly all those things

 627 2014-07-282.x (beta's)Bug Report Wrong language conf in wizard Closed
2017-08-263.0 Task Description

<Elive_user_en_18> when selecting english Canada changes to French Canada

This report seems to reffer to wizard languages selector I assume

English is english, so french canada is wrong (note that canada has french and english, betatest too if the keyboard is correctly set too)

 624 2014-07-042.x (beta's)Bug Report E17 crash playing with gadgets Closed
2017-08-263.0 Task Description

Thenuxnewbie (princeamd’s friend?) reported a crash on e17 “trying to move gadgets from shelf” he said, attached crasdump file

<Thenuxnewbie> im on wifi and i just noticed something, it would allow me to remove the gadget as long as the wifi signal strength isn’t displayed in what i presume is the system tray
<Thenuxnewbie> but as long as it’s showing signal strength bar, trying to remove the gadged crashes e17

So try to remove the wifi widget with the systray active to reproduce the bug

 620 2014-06-212.x (beta's)Bug Report Umounting in thunar fails Closed
2017-08-253.0 Task Description

Kill tumblerd always before umounting a partition

~ ps aux | grep 30017
1000 1868 0.0 0.0 5188 732 pts/0 SN+ 17:35 0:00 grep 30017
1000 30017 4.5 3.4 517740 68508 ? Sl 17:12 1:02 /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/tumbler-1/tumblerd

 619 2014-06-212.x (beta's)Bug Report audio-configurator smartness Closed
2017-08-273.0 Task Description

In laptop of sapi, there’s an hdmi entry that is not a real card, in order to preselect it correctly we could list the channels and see if has any valid entry, for example this wrong one has:

~ amixer
Simple mixer control ‘IEC958’,0

Capabilities: pswitch pswitch-joined penum
Playback channels: Mono
Mono: Playback [off]


 618 2014-06-202.x (beta's)Bug Report Suspend doesn't give you shared folders back Closed
2017-08-273.0 Task Description

If you put the laptop to suspend, when you put it back you cannot browse shared folders, this happens on my acer-aspire-one laptop in live mode at least

Maybe there’s a post-suspend hook/script that needs to be added for reload sambasomething ?

 616 2014-06-182.x (beta's)Bug Report Removing packages could lead to errors Closed
 615 2014-05-082.x (beta's)Bug Report E17 wizard pages should wait that they are loaded Closed
 614 2014-04-212.x (beta's)Feature Request Menu in desktop must be in left button Closed
 613 2014-04-102.x (beta's)Bug Report xrandr / e17 screens after play a game isn't restored Closed
 612 2014-03-182.x (beta's)Bug Report Upgrade mode bugs Closed
 609 2013-10-312.x (beta's)Bug Report Internet doesn't automatically connect to wifi Closed
 607 2013-05-312.x (beta's)Bug Report e17 Menus Freezes after Wizard (not solved) Closed
 606 2013-04-272.x (beta's)Bug Report black screen (console) in boot of live Closed
 602 2013-02-272.x (beta's)Bug Report Google Talk video-conference Closed
 601 2013-02-192.0Feature Request VLC ugly subtitles Closed
 600 2013-02-062.0Bug Report sound card problem with intel models 3400 Closed
 599 2013-01-282.0Bug Report Flash for chromium Closed
 597 2012-09-082.0Bug Report smb-browser requires smbfs which is not available right ...Closed
 596 2012-09-072.0Bug Report smb-usershare some warning messages Closed
 576 2010-04-272.0Bug Report net-connector: Stop to SCAN networks if we are connecte ...Closed
 573 2010-04-082.0Bug Report autolaunchers: disable when needed (gparted) Closed
 567 2010-03-261.x Gem+ (beta's)Feature Request printer applet autorun Closed
 562 2010-03-201.x Gem+ (beta's)Bug Report autolaunchers with spaces Closed
 553 2010-03-061.x Gem+ (beta's)Bug Report swedish boot option Closed
 489 2009-10-091.x Gem+ (beta's)Bug Report double wireless interfaces is not correctly managed Closed
 487 2009-10-051.x Gem+ (beta's)Feature Request kernel added in grub when installed Closed
 480 2009-09-071.x Gem+ (beta's)Bug Report default profile: better intuitive method + bug Closed
 475 2009-09-021.x Gem+ (beta's)Bug Report Blacklist unuseful interface protocols Closed
 463 2009-08-251.x Gem+ (beta's)Bug Report Power management Closed
 462 2009-08-251.x Gem+ (beta's)Bug Report .xsession-errors Closed
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