Help us in a better way with reports that includes all the needed (but not excesive) information and how to reproduce it. It may not mean a lot to you, but it means a world to us.

IDOpenedLast EditedTask TypeSummaryStatusOpened byProgressDue In Version
 650 2015-11-162017-08-27Bug Report In the live version, the script to update repos needs a ...Closedandy purugganan
Task Description

I tried the live version. There is a link to ‘set up the repositories’ and I noticed it was failing to find a few websites. The process takes a while to complete, and that is why I bothered to look at what the delay was all about. I will attempt it again to see if a 24-hour interval will make a difference.

 649 2015-04-042017-08-27Bug Report Beta 2.6..0 - Destroys all other users on /home ClosedLawrence De Coste
Task Description

Today I downloaded the iso-hybrid of 2.6.0 and installed it sda5 as /.
When I chose sda8 as /home it during the install I carefully said NOT to format it.
However the install did not pick up the /home directory as planned.

First I couldn’t log in via the graphical screen. So I Ctrl-Alt-F1 into
tty1 & logged in then sudo su to edit /etc/fstab.

What had happened was there were no options chosen for sda8. So I
added “defaults” and rebooted.

Then I found that your install had deleted all the other directories on
sda8 leaving only my elive user (larryel)

Please change your install to NOT erase all the other users on the
chosen /home partition. The logic would seem to be that if a user did
NOT want to format the partition s/he would MOST certainly NOT want the
install to erase all the data on the partition either,

 648 2015-03-092017-08-25Bug Report Corrupt installer ClosedKaj Sanfridsson
Task Description

I Decieded to try out the Elive linux distro on my Asus Eee PC 701, but when i havee payed and get my installation module and klick on next it says the installer is coruppt, please try a other cd or a usb stick,

I have tried:
3. 2 diffrent memory sticks that i know works “i installed ubuntu on an other computer with them for some days ago” and

2. 1 cd-r disc

3. 1 dvd-rw disc

have tried diffrent burner software, and usb installers
but i always get to the crash or the corrupt installer message after loading the installer module

i will come back with photos

best regards mr_melzk

 647 2015-03-062017-08-26Bug Report Error message during install ClosedSteve Folberg
Task Description

Got an error message during install on a an Asus laptop. Something about not being able to assign a UUID?

 646 2015-01-282017-08-25Bug Report Vlc no sound after pause ClosedMichal Kitta
Task Description

Vlc by playing movie or DVD after touching pause and play again has not sound. It takes few seconds, minutes, than souds again. If you move movie point with mouse, everythig is OK. In Elive 2.5.2.

 645 2015-01-152017-08-27Bug Report E resolution is fucked sometimes ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

If you run something like “berusky” (small game, which don’t works in fact), it fucks your X resolution without possibility to recover it (BIG BAD BUG)

In short it seems like to: change your E resolution, don’t restore the original one, but E saves and remebers it

We should need a way to detect that the resolution was changed by FOO, when FOO finishes and some seconds passed change the resolution to the original one if we are not on it (not sure if this is possible)

Also, is needed to save the resolution on E confs only when we select to save it, seems like there’s a trigger that saves it automatically, this is very bad :P

Notes: betatest in e19 to see if the bug is solved (and so just cherry-pick the fixes)

 644 2014-12-302017-08-25Bug Report esu datetimeconf ClosedKåre Sthen
Task Description

“esu datetimeconf” dosn’t work.

 643 2014-12-262017-08-27Bug Report Most of .desktop doesn't respect XDG_DATA_DIRS ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

XDG_DATA_DIRS defines the order to where to search for .desktop files, for example we have apulse-skype package that replaces a .desktop that is defined on a previous dir on this variable, this perfectly works if you run skype from menus (skype that requires pulseaudio using a pulseaudio emulator work in alsa-only), but if you run it from engage or from ibar, it doesn’t works (so looks like it gots the .desktop from the default dir instead of the one that we have defined), it doesnt works also from other places like “startup applications”

 642 2014-12-262017-08-27Bug Report E17 segfault when browsing the menu ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

After to have opened the menu it frozen and then segfaulted, computer is a nettop, seems like nettops are much more prone to segfault since they are slower :)

 641 2014-12-172017-08-27Bug Report EXT4 mount problems in last versions ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

I received these messages on IRC thanks to elmo40, but it doesn’t happens to me as you can see on this screenshot:


Still having the problem ? How I can reproduce it ?

<elmo40> Thanatermesis: did you get the message ?
<elmo40> AlexAnt couldn't read his existing ext4 partition while trying the latest live image.
<elmo40> (2:37:54 PM) AlexAnteMachina: ext4 is an unknown filesystem to elive??? really???
<elmo40> (2:51:41 PM) AlexAnteMachina: thunar rejects to access my hdd
<Thanatermesis> elmo40, thx, ill check that
 640 2014-11-272017-08-27Bug Report E segfaults when pressing power button + keyboard keys ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

If you press the power button (which shows a menu option in E to close computer) and extremely-fastly you press any keyboard key, you got a segfault

This can help making it to appear: cd /tmp ; mprime-cpu -t
Also if you add a “drop caches” on that command should help too, giving you more human-time over computer-time

<PrinceAMD> what i think is happening here is
<PrinceAMD> an object is deleted, then a key pressed on the object causes seff
<PrinceAMD> so i think some check is needed in _e_manager_cb_key_down
<PrinceAMD> i'm guessing this is a keybinding bug, so lets say the binding trigger a call of a deleted pointer,
Thread 1 (Thread 0xb5c619a0 (LWP 7261)):
#0  0xb7270607 in pause () at ../sysdeps/unix/syscall-template.S:82
No locals.
#1  0x0807ba9e in e_alert_show () at e_alert.c:38
No locals.
#2  0x08160903 in e_sigseg_act (x=11, info=0xbfe18b8c, data=0xbfe18c0c) at e_signals.c:71
No locals.
#3  <signal handler called>
No symbol table info available.
#4  0x00000020 in ?? ()
No symbol table info available.
#5  0x081479d9 in e_object_del (obj=0x9964768) at e_object.c:54
No locals.
#6  0x080808cf in _e_actions_act_halt_go (obj=0x9678cd8, params=0x0) at e_actions.c:2265
No locals.
#7  0x08089591 in e_bindings_key_down_event_handle (ctxt=E_BINDING_CONTEXT_MANAGER, obj=0x9678cd8, ev=0x996d9e8) at e_bindings.c:514
        act = 0x9894d78
        binding = 0x98cac98
        l = 0x98c9c80
#8  0x0813764c in _e_manager_cb_key_down (data=0x9678cd8, ev_type=50, ev=0x996d9e8) at e_manager.c:758
        man = 0x9678cd8
        e = 0x996d9e8
#9  0xb6f95c2f in _ecore_call_handler_cb (func=0x81375e8 <_e_manager_cb_key_down>, data=0x9678cd8, type=50, event=0x996d9e8) at lib/ecore/ecore_private.h:359
        r = 1 '\001'
#10 0xb6f96b6a in _ecore_event_call () at lib/ecore/ecore_events.c:562
        ret = 1 '\001'
        e = 0x9a8ca58
        handle_count = 2
        l = 0x0
        l_next = 0x0
        eh = 0x95e1df0
#11 0xb6fa1167 in _ecore_main_loop_iterate_internal (once_only=0) at lib/ecore/ecore_main.c:1942
        next_time = 0.24938403899795958
#12 0xb6f9f419 in ecore_main_loop_begin () at lib/ecore/ecore_main.c:983
No locals.
#13 0x08078164 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbfe1a284) at e_main.c:1138
        nostartup = 0 '\000'
        safe_mode = 0 '\000'
        after_restart = 1 '\001'
        waslocked = 0 '\000'
        t = 1417114627.236887
        tstart = 1417114627.236887
        s = 0x0
        buff = "1417114627.2\000\277{\267@\304z\267\001\000\000\000\000\020e\266\240\221", <incomplete sequence \341\277>
        action = {__sigaction_handler = {sa_handler = 0x8160988 <e_sigabrt_act>, sa_sigaction = 0x8160988 <e_sigabrt_act>}, sa_mask = {__val = {0 <repeats 32 times>}}, sa_flags = -1073741820, sa_restorer = 0xbfe18fd0}
        __FUNCTION__ = "main"
 639 2014-10-232017-08-28Feature Request mixer module not present in e17-stable Closedjlslegalize
Task Description

I don’t see the mixer module in e17-stable

 638 2014-10-212017-08-25Bug Report Terminology not working ClosedCosmin
Task Description

After installing it on Latitude e5410 and setting up some extra libraries such as mono-complete for keepass2. I noticed that terminology stopped working.
I get only one error when trying to access terminology –help from cli:

ERR<10762>:efreet_cache lib/efreet/efreet_cache.c:1108 on_send_register() org.enlightenment.DBus.Canceled Canceled by user.

Thats it. and since this system is always updated, I also had this reported into the chat room, some updates were made it did not helped.

 637 2014-09-282017-08-25Bug Report Hibernate action doesn't work Closedme
1 Task Description

Version 2.3.6 installed on HDD.

Hibernate are not working at all.
When I press button Hibernate the screen become totally black,
only mouse is active and can’t do anything,
i waited around 2 minutes and nothing changes so i restarted my laptop by power button.

PS. I installed “powermanagement-interface” package
and edited “/etc/default/grub” by adding there new line:

and now i am using “pm-hibernate” (from terminal) and it’s works well but i want do it from button.

Also i want to know where this action scripts are stored i mean “Power Off”, “Suspend”, “Lock”, “Reboot”, “Hibernate”, “Log Out” ?
I edited file “/etc/enlightenment/sysactions.conf”
by editing line:
“action: hibernate /usr/sbin/hiber.sh”

in hiber.sh i have > “pm-hibernate” command.
But this doesn’t work so i only can go to hibernate from console by command “pm-hibernate” :(

 636 2014-08-302017-08-26Bug Report windows moves to the first screen ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

You said recently that you have found the cause of the bug where teh windwos are positioned in the first screen (xinerama) when looking at something else about borders?, but i still having the bug around, did you commited the fix ?

 635 2014-08-302017-08-25Bug Report Sandy Bridge... AIGLX Closedrd
Task Description

videos are sluggish on a Sandy Bridge ..
I had to disabe AIGLX in xorg.conf,
¿why is aiglx enabled anyway?

 634 2014-08-282014-08-28Bug Report Chromium problem with moving tabs ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description
I’ve noticed something with the tabs and windows in chromium that u might find interesting :)
Chromium ‘bugs’ with handling from one instance tab → window → another instance tab http://mwow.dk/data/action/vid/this-1-1.ogv

This bug happens since some update of chromium in debian wheezy, 35.0.1916.153-1~deb7u1, it works with the previous version 34.0.1847.116-1~deb7u1

 633 2014-08-222017-08-27Bug Report urxvt from thunar shows wrong colours ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

If you open terminal from thunar, which is assigned to urxvt, the colors theme is not considered, it doesn’t read our .Xdefaults file ?

 632 2014-08-192014-09-26Bug Report Thunar @Folder > right click > create document freeze ClosedJonas Kervin Hansen
3.0 Task Description

OS: Elive Topaz+ (beta)
Arch: 32bit (x86)
update status: Fully up to date as per official elive repos.

how to reproduce:
Open a folder in Thunar, right click, point at create document = window manager freeze (Entrance?)

heres a video for demonstration:
External Link

 631 2014-08-092017-08-27Bug Report Audio card configurator happens twice ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

In my thinkpad laptop, if i run wizard (new .e) i got the audio configurator that asks me twice, see if this happens after to upgrade to 3.0-rc

 630 2014-08-052017-08-06Bug Report gimp don't edit raw files ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

There’s multiple packages on gimp for edit raw files, we need to know which one to include (betatesting)

 629 2014-08-022014-08-02Bug Report blender-last exits with an error value ClosedSandra Liarte
Task Description

After to close blender in the static version, it exits with an error value, maybe because of an error setting the audio card to 44100

so enlightenment shows a window with error dialog, annoying

 628 2014-08-022017-08-27Bug Report Keyboard language is ignored if /etc/default/keyboard i ...ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

Try to reproduce:

- /etc/default/keyboard is set to “es” - configure E to use US instead
- when you restart e17 is set back to ES

Note: use a new elive install, which sets correctly all those things

 627 2014-07-282017-08-26Bug Report Wrong language conf in wizard ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

<Elive_user_en_18> when selecting english Canada changes to French Canada

This report seems to reffer to wizard languages selector I assume

English is english, so french canada is wrong (note that canada has french and english, betatest too if the keyboard is correctly set too)

 626 2014-07-242017-08-25Bug Report How to install Elive? ClosedAlex
Task Description

Good afternoon.
I first use your OS.
And I am having difficulties with its installation.

I downloaded the beta version of the distribution.
Here at this link: http://www.elivecd.org/downloads/other/2.3.3/elive_2.3.3_beta_usb.img

I recorded image on a USB drive.
Reboot your PC.
In the beginning there was the menu.
I choose “graphics mode” - but nothing happens.
Next I choose “Install” - but also nothing happens.

Then I choose 2 item on the menu and run the Live mode.

Running passes without problems.

Next I select the icon “Install.”

It is updated, then asks to select the partition for SWAP.
But in the choice - it is empty. I can `t choose anything.

Next I miss this step and proceed to sleduyuyuschemu.

Where, I asked to select a primary partition for the system.
But in this window, as empty and again I can not do anything to choose from.

* The note says that you need to unmount the partitions which will be installing, I - it did.
But during installation, windows were still empty and again I could not select the partition to install.

Please tell me how to install your OS?

 625 2014-07-072017-08-25Bug Report thunar and efm freezes the system Closedmichael
Task Description

installed from...iso 2.3 beta / kernel 3.14
all updated through synaptic.
Both Thunar and EFM freeze the system when trying to open a new folder or document
I have not tried anything else as I keep having to reboot


 624 2014-07-042017-08-26Bug Report E17 crash playing with gadgets ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

Thenuxnewbie (princeamd’s friend?) reported a crash on e17 “trying to move gadgets from shelf” he said, attached crasdump file

<Thenuxnewbie> im on wifi and i just noticed something, it would allow me to remove the gadget as long as the wifi signal strength isn’t displayed in what i presume is the system tray
<Thenuxnewbie> but as long as it’s showing signal strength bar, trying to remove the gadged crashes e17

So try to remove the wifi widget with the systray active to reproduce the bug

 623 2014-06-292017-08-25Bug Report hibernation does not work ClosedDouwe Bootsma
1 Task Description

Hibernation just blanks screen, session still life in background (sound movie still playing) system unresponsive (mouse works, no screen). Calling the hibernation script with kill apps that prevent hibernation switch does shutdowns the system but on restart a whole bunch of journal replays are done and a clean desktop is shown (all applications have been killed). Sleep mode works like a charm!

Latest 2.3.1 ISO

 622 2014-06-292017-08-26Bug Report reiserfs mods missing ClosedDouwe Bootsma
Task Description

With the new installer in 2.3.1 iso the reiserfs4 cab still be selected ad the desired FS but after install on boot it seems the reiserfs4 modules are still missing!

 621 2014-06-262017-08-26Bug Report Kernel 3.14.7 and Vbox 4.3.12 ClosedDeon Thomas
3.0 Task Description

seem vbox is out of date with this really new kernel so the vboxdrv modules segf somewhere in the kernel, I suggest using a kernel that is supported by vbox, this problem is only with vbox.

 620 2014-06-212017-08-25Bug Report Umounting in thunar fails ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

Kill tumblerd always before umounting a partition

~ ps aux | grep 30017
1000 1868 0.0 0.0 5188 732 pts/0 SN+ 17:35 0:00 grep 30017
1000 30017 4.5 3.4 517740 68508 ? Sl 17:12 1:02 /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/tumbler-1/tumblerd

 619 2014-06-212017-08-27Bug Report audio-configurator smartness ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

In laptop of sapi, there’s an hdmi entry that is not a real card, in order to preselect it correctly we could list the channels and see if has any valid entry, for example this wrong one has:

~ amixer
Simple mixer control ‘IEC958’,0

Capabilities: pswitch pswitch-joined penum
Playback channels: Mono
Mono: Playback [off]


 618 2014-06-202017-08-27Bug Report Suspend doesn't give you shared folders back ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

If you put the laptop to suspend, when you put it back you cannot browse shared folders, this happens on my acer-aspire-one laptop in live mode at least

Maybe there’s a post-suspend hook/script that needs to be added for reload sambasomething ?

 617 2014-06-182017-08-02Feature Request econnman Closedmichael
Task Description

If the connection manager module is enabled, it states that it needs econnman to work and please download it.
It would be useful if econnman was in the repository and would make getting online a tad easier methinks.


 616 2014-06-182017-08-27Bug Report Removing packages could lead to errors ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

Users should not remove essential packages, but they do...

We will need some kind of feature that at shutdown (more reliable than boot-time) will check if we have removed any essential-elive package and asks if restore it

 615 2014-05-082017-08-27Bug Report E17 wizard pages should wait that they are loaded ClosedThanatermesis
Task Description

When in wizard module (first e17 start), if you click fastly to next you get wrong configurations, the Next button should be disabled until all the interface has finished to load and calculate what is needed (languages list generated, pages rendered, etc...)

A common case is to start e17 with the “Mobile” interface (even if default is computer)

 614 2014-04-212017-08-25Feature Request Menu in desktop must be in left button ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

Users are used of the left-click in desktop (or in a Start button), but not the right now which is the one is actually assigned the e17 menu popup

This must be changed, since we don’t use the “favorites” anymore in e17

Thanks Tio for this report

 613 2014-04-102017-08-27Bug Report xrandr / e17 screens after play a game isn't restored ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

xrandr / e17 screen confs are not restored after to have played a game or launched some applications that changes the screen sizes

Try for example with “smc” (super mario chronicles) package in debian

WARNING: “cd .e ; bkp s”, it will broke your e17 conf

Note: maybe only in xinerama ?

 612 2014-03-182017-08-27Bug Report Upgrade mode bugs ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

Multiple reports:

- If you run the upgrade mode with the beta version, it doesnt seems to boot it (file not found)

- The entry from grub is not removed after the first (any state) reboot

- The installer of 3.0 needs to be adapted

 611 2014-03-172017-08-25Bug Report Not Correct Russian Encoding Set in Topaz 2.0 stable ClosedGene Mag
Task Description

Hi Team,

Thanks a lot for great work of art and development!
There is however a critical bug for Russian l10n: if one chooses Russian from the initial boot menu of Topaz 2.0 stable, the encodings for NTFS become look like this: ru_RU.KOI-8.utf8 and because there is no such encoding set, all those partitions must first after booting in become unmounted (as the distro mounts them automatically which is great, but sadly not in this error case), then the encoding for ALL ntfs partitions in /etc/fstab must be manually changed under root to one of the normal one, like ru_RU.utf8 (I always just deleted that obsolete KOI-8 records), and then become again mounted normally.
This bug also causes an error or a couple of them during the boot-in process, and definitely prevents users from adequate access onto their ntfs partitions, as naturally all Cyrillic chars become unavailable, and mount problems, etc.

Just to mention: when the world does already have UTF, national encodings look as obsolete and as odd as using the sudo scheme while I totally agree with your philosophy of “if you want to become root, simply type “su -”, enter password and become root”.

The bug spoils everything equally out of a live CD or a live USB stick.

Just to notice: KOI-8 as a Russian national localization encoding is almost not used anywhere by now (March 2014). UTF8 has already for pretty long been a recommended and much more effective encoding set to properly map and operate over Cyrillic chars. The great example of simple UTF8 implementation of l10n is in a commercial by now live CD/USB distro of PartedMagic.
Thus a question: is it posssible to get a rebuilt version of the same Topaz 2.0 or much better a newer stable bootable elive system with the described bug fixed?

Thank you!

PLEASE be describable, clear, and direct. Think that we need to understand, found, and solve the bug.

Remember to set the Due in Version box into the next stable version number.

Thank you

 610 2014-02-262017-08-25Feature Request Replace chromium with iceweasel Closeda blez
Task Description

I am using elive_2.1.58_alpha_hybrid from live CD (not installed)

I want to kick the pre-installed chromium browser as it not usable with this lot of annoying ads.
So I remove it using synaptics, but df or free displays even more RAM in use, so I do not know whether it is really gone.

Then I can install iceweasel (or iceape) using synaptics and they are working fine also with noscript.

Would it be possible to pre-install iceweasel or iceape instead of chromium?

 609 2013-10-312013-10-31Bug Report Internet doesn't automatically connect to wifi ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

Seems like wifi doesn’t automatically connect when i come back from suspension and im in another location (and I enable the wifi power-button later too), i need to open the internet configurator emodule for to start/open the Network-manager applet (note that by default is removed in order to save some resources consumption and memory usage.

The question is... do we need this nm-applet running all the time so that the network will be correctly connected/updated all the time? this sounds for me non-sense since there’s a daemon of NM, the applect should be only for manual selection or configuration of things, otherwise a daemon should works a daemon.

It happens to you too ?

 608 2013-07-302017-08-26Bug Report Problem to install in iBM 380ED ClosedRIVERA
Task Description


I have to intent install the Elive 2.0 Topaz (elive_2.0_Topaz_new-kernel_up003.iso) in laptop IBM Thinkpad 380ED, but appear this message:
“Processor does not support: cmov”

Can you help me please ?

Best regards.

The systems reference sheet ­ ThinkPad 380ED

Processor Type: Pentium MMX 166/66 MHz / 64 bit transfer to L2 cache / 64 bit transfer to memory

Processor Upgrade: None

L2 cache: 256 KB / write­through / direct mapped / 8 ns / synchronous pipelined burst

Diskette Drive: Internal 3.5” 1.44 MB / use simultaneously with CD­ROM / on right side

External FDD port: None since diskette internal

CD­ROM: 5.25” CD­ROM / 8­20x speed / CAV / multi­session / XA / ATAPI / not bootable / not removable / on right side

Preload(see side): Windows 95 OSR2

Available date: September 1997

Disk ­ size / ms: 2.1 GB / 13 ms / PIO Mode 4 (2635­5AU), 3.0 GB / 13 ms / PIO Mode 4 (2635­6AU), 5.1 GB / 12 ms / PIO Mode 4 (2635­7AU)

Disk controller: EIDE / PCI 2.1 / supports one internal disk / no DMA or busmaster support / not removable / upgrade only by IBM or dealer

Display ­ size and type: 12.1 inch FRSTN color (2635­5AU), 12.1 inch TFT color (2635­6AU, 2635­7AU)

Display ­ technology: (2635­5AU) SVGA / 640 x 480 or 800 x 600
Dual scan / FRSTN / 150 ms / 70 nits 65,536 sim colors / 35 to 1 contrast
(2635­6AU, 2635­7AU)
SVGA / 640 x 480 or 800 x 600
Active Matrix TFT / 75 ms / 100 nits 65,536 simultaneous colors / 100 to 1 contrast ratio

Graphics ­ controller: NeoMagic MagicGraph128ZV (NM2093) /128 bit SVGA accelerator / Zoomed Video support / DDC1 and DDC2B 1.125 MB / DRAM (embedded) / color space conversion and interpolation in X and Y axis / support for DCI, DirectDraw

Graph ­ arch/data: PCI 2.1 / 32 bit / external SVGA to 1024 x 768 with 256 colors

Graphics ­ features: Simultaneous LCD and CRT / 150 degree tilt

Memory ­ std / max: 16 MB / 80 MB / non­parity / 3.3 volt / EDO

Memory ­ features: 1 socket for one JEDEC 144 pin EDO SO DIMM of 8, 16, 32, or 64 MB / socket accessed from bottom via screw

Keyboard / # of keys: Full size alp/num / 85 (6 Fn key functions) / keyboard slope with Port Replicator

External keyboard: External keyboard support with option cable 06G8619 or Port Replicator

Pointing/ palm rest: TrackPoint III / no drag lock keys

Battery ­ type / life: Li­Ion / non­intelligent / 2.0 hrs (2635­5AU), Li­Ion / non­intelligent / 2.5 hrs (2635­6AU, 2635­7AU)

Charge time ­ on/off: 4.2 to 12 hrs / 3.3 hrs

Architecture: PCI 2.1 / 32 bit / 33 Mhz (EIDE, graphics, PCMCIA, Port Replicator) ISA (audio, diskette, serial, parallel, infrared)
Intel Mobile Triton 82430 PCIset / Intel 82371MX PIIX / NS PC87338

PCMCIA slots: 2 Type I or 2 Type II or 1 Type III / Zoomed Video support in lower slot /PCMCIA 2.1 compatible / PC Card Standard 95 / Cirrus Logic CL­PD6729 (PCI)

Serial / parallel ports: One 9 pin; 16550A / one (IEEE P1284­A, EPP, ECP, bidirectional)

MPEG decoder: None (software support for MPEG­1 in Windows 95)

Audio support: 16 bit audio chip / 20 voice MIDI FM Synthesis / Crystal Semiconductor CS4236 One internal speaker / .5 watt / dial volume control / int mic / full duplex spk/mic

Audio in/out jacks: Input/microphone jack (stereo) / output jack (stereo) / no joystick port

Infrared ports Infrared port on left side / IrDA 1.1 compatible / up to 4 Mbps

Security: Power ­on password / Hard disk password / security keyhole / personalization

Preinstalled software: Microsoft Windows 95 OSR2 with applications (listed on right)

 607 2013-05-312017-08-26Bug Report e17 Menus Freezes after Wizard (not solved) ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

Lastest e17, after to finish wizard go fast to the applications menu and scroll it, e17 freezes

This bug reported by AlexAnteMachina has nothing to do with composite, not even with vbox, I tried it in laptop and e17 simply gets frozen, seems like X11 is died, very strange bug! even with my libs updated without the optimize options (please somebody confirm that we have debug messages now), there’s simply no way to get a backtrace because everything is blocked (well, you can kill X11, but you lose everything)

Maybe there’s not even needed to select German language, it looks like an efreet bug

This is another bug, but seems like caused by the same reason, sometimes, and just sometimes, e17 starts looking like this (some hang in the startup of efreet, or uncomplete or similar, idk)

A restart of e17 will solve the problem, but is not a good way to start e17 of course

Another bug: if you install eltrans (here is elive in version 2.1.40), and you try to open the menus, it becomes frozen

 606 2013-04-272017-08-27Bug Report black screen (console) in boot of live ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

PrinceAMD has a computer which when kms loads, the console turns blank, user can’t see anything, but the system continue booting correctly (1-2 minutes in blank)

Maybe should be good to add a boot option in the live menu with this entry: nomodeset that solves the problem, for those cases

 605 2013-04-022017-08-25Bug Report TOPAZ 2.0 PRANKS SHUTDOWN/REBOOT HANG ClosedMr Tunes
Task Description

Hi there,

1st I cannot set the Due in Version box into the next stable version number.

So anyway- This is a freshly purchased, fully installed Topaz from 1st April 2013, running on a IBM T42 1.7 ghz P4 Pentium M processor with 1gig ram.

System runs great except - It fails to shutdown correctly at every option available.

Message reads ‘Killing remaining processes’ and just hangs.

It is marked as Critical severity, due to the fact I am crashing heads on hard power off, although that may not be critical as far as you are concerned, this is my last ide laptop drive of 250gig and I don’t want it toasted.

Thank you

 604 2013-03-142013-03-28Feature Request installer problems Closedhorace ohare
Task Description

yesterday 13march ipaid for the installer module,but when it started to erase my hd it freezes,so i had to restart the procedure,it wanted the installer module,so i paid again. the same incident occured.so now i have 2 problem =(1)=i was unable to find where to email for my money back.or (2) how to get the installer without paying again. please tell me what to do. i was installing topaz.

 603 2013-03-012017-08-26Bug Report Iceweasel will not open email and will not update. ClosedWilliam Chacon
Task Description

Iceweasel browser will not open email with hotmail.com. Hotmail.com says outdated and errors with mismatch tag. Tried to upgrade with synaptic package manager but synaptic package manager error message when reloading update lists and firefox is not available. Old versions of firefox (as in Mint 8 or other old linux distros) continue to work in Hotmail but iceweasel errors. Google Chrome does not offer add-ons that Firefox offers such as download helper so is not a good iceweasel replacement. I recently just paid for elive 2.0 and am facing errors with it being outdated. William

 602 2013-02-272013-03-28Bug Report Google Talk video-conference ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

I just tried to use Google Talk for videoconference (calls) but seems to not work, I tried it on chrome and even installed a .deb package provided by google, it complains about that is not correctly installed or something similar, I will need to make future look to it

 601 2013-02-192017-07-01Feature Request VLC ugly subtitles ClosedThanatermesis
3.0 Task Description

By default if you play a DVD and enable subtitles in VLC, they looks ugly as 2 hells, I think that this can be solved in the settings (advanced/all?), we need to play / beta-test a bit to see a solution for that

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