Help us in a better way with reports that includes all the needed (but not excesive) information and how to reproduce it. It may not mean a lot to you, but it means a world to us.

IDOpenedLast EditedTask TypeSummaryStatusOpened byProgressDue In Version
 550 2010-02-152017-08-26Bug Report acpi suspend/hibernate stoppen working well ClosedRoman Vik
Task Description


hotkey for suspend/hibernate not working anymore.. (dell D620)
I think it’s something with new gnome power management?

And If I choose to power down from menu and select suspend,
the message with warning (probably this one causing this) stopped to suspend machine-
only black screen, nothing I can do, switch to another user ctrl+alt+f1 and there with SU
tried to reboot and after this the machine suspends .. strange..
And after waking up there is this messagi-warning which I have to cancel everytime, no matter if it tells click cancel not to see this anymore..

The same thing happends if I LID the LCD panel - the system hangs and I have to switch user or power down the PC to suspend the machine..

 549 2010-02-122017-08-26Bug Report net-configurator wlan configuration issue ClosedAndraž 'ruskie' Levstik
Task Description

First the hard facts(version, hw):

EeePC 701 4g
WiFi AP configured to WAP2
Elive version: elive 1.9.61

Now for the problem.

I try to configure my wlan through the configurator but I couldn’t set it up since it constantly rescanned and also refreshed/wiped all the other fields(ESSID, Pass Key, Profile Name) each time I tried to enter them.

I changed the refresh and rescan times in the options but it didn’t respect them. On top of that the constant refreshing seriously loaded the system and caused quite a bit of battery use(not to mention heat).

After a reboot though it is now respecting them and I can actually configure wlan.

 548 2010-02-072010-03-09Bug Report Latest Elives Unstable are freezing totally very often  ...Closedstanca
Task Description

PLEASE be describable, clear, and direct. Think that we need to understand, found, and solve the bug.

Remember to set the Due in Version box into the next stable version number.

Thank you
Since 1.9.52 Unstable and kernel version all the Elive releases are very “unstable” and buggy for my system,both in live and installed mode,with or without ecomorph enabled,the system totally freezes after no more than 5 minutes and it can’t be unlocked with ctrl+alt+backspace or alt+PrintScreenSysRq+REISUB,only with forced reboot.The pppoe internet connection is very unstable too with many disconnections and very slow speed.In rest the system is very fast even in ecomorph mode.
Personally I blame the latest kernel version,with older 2.6.26-2 version I haven’t got these problems.

 547 2010-02-072010-02-23Bug Report Notice several items off ClosedJRoland
Task Description

Running on a Dell Optiplex 320, 4Gb Ram, ATI Vid -Running Live CD

Video and audio hardware detected correctly.
Opening screen (Desktop) should have not only clock but also the current date somewhere.
Ice Weasel browser handles multimedia well. I have noticed odd behavior browsing on Piratebay.org, after loading initial page, subsequent ones, after clicking navigation controls on bottom of page, refuse to load???
Need to have an email client (s/b able to be configured & tested on live CD)
-Outstanding distro. Keep up the excellent work. Looking forward to next version.


PLEASE be describable, clear, and direct. Think that we need to understand, found, and solve the bug.

Remember to set the Due in Version box into the next stable version number.

Thank you

 546 2010-02-062017-08-25Bug Report Add to Elive a lightweight and simple DVD slide show m ...ClosedIssa2008
Task Description

Hello can u add by defalt thie logs , please

 545 2010-02-042010-02-05Bug Report some characters aren't properly displayed in Settings P ...ClosedMichal/ Wernicki
Task Description

... and probably other windows, although they are correctly displayed in menu.

Elive 1.9.60

Rectangles mark places where those characters should be displayed.

 544 2010-02-042017-08-26Bug Report strange refresh frequency options in Screen Resolution  ...ClosedMichal/ Wernicki
Task Description

I’m trying Elive 1.9.60

There are strange values in a box on the right.
As far as I know these values should look more like 60 Hz, 70 Hz, 75 Hz, 85 Hz...

You may also notice that there’s no marked refresh frequency on the right although 77 Hz (it really stands for 85 Hz) was just selected and saved (it’s what I mean in report #542)

 543 2010-02-042010-02-05Bug Report warning box out of visible screen ClosedMichal/ Wernicki
Task Description

When graphical system crashes and a box with “Enlightenment SEGV’d” message shows up, this box is displayed in the centre of a screen with resolution set while booting up.
If resolution was changed after loading graphical system, this box shows out of the centre of current screen as if it matched centre of a sceen of resolution set at boot up. If resolution was changed a lot, part (or possibly whole) of this box is displayed out of visible screen and thus it’s hard to find out what actions are possible to recover from this situation.

 542 2010-02-042017-08-26Bug Report tick mark in Screen Resolution Setting box is not being ...ClosedMichal/ Wernicki
3.0 Task Description

After changing resolution or frequency with the Screen Resolution Setting box the tick mark doesn’t change it’s place. However it marks the proper option after closing and reopening this box.

 541 2010-02-042017-08-26Bug Report Enlightenment SEGV while changing resolution ClosedMichal/ Wernicki
3.0 Task Description

When trying to change resolution screen goes black and a box appears showing that Enlightenment SEGV’d.

To reproduce this bug please boot Elive from a CD, selecting automatic resolution. After full boot up enter Settings Panel/Screen/Resolution and choose some other resolution and frequency but do not save your selection, just click “restore” button and then change frequency again. Now this crash should happen.
I supose this behaviour is easier to reproduce using CRT display.

My guess is that this SEGV happens because when you mark resolution and frequency for the first time and cancel, the choice of resolution is not remembered, but you are still able to choose frequency and try to set it.

My rig has GeForce 5700 FX and thus uses nvidia 173 driver.

 540 2010-02-032010-02-05Bug Report module places ClosedRoman Vik
Task Description

After dist-upgrade yesterday (1.9.60) and restarted, module places disappeared from system. Whats’ wrong?

 539 2010-02-012010-02-05Bug Report Gui tools cannot set password beginning with "$" ClosedJim McDonald
Task Description

System: elive 1.9.57
Language: English
Keyboard: US

If root password [and possibly user passwd] is set during HD install with “$” as the first character, elive appears to accept the password. Once the system is installed ‘esu’ and terminal commands like ‘su’ fail to accept the password.

This works perfectly on every other Distro I’ve ever used, so I think it must be specific to the elive installer.

Also, once the system is installed, attempting to change the password using the GUI user manager attempting to set a password beginning with “$” fails with the message “The passwords are not equals, please try again”.

It appears to accept other non-alphanumeric characters. It only fails with “$”

The best solution would be for the password setting to work correctly with “$” as the first character in the passwd.

A less professional but at least acceptable alternative would be to generate an error telling the user not to start a password with “$”. This would be a useful workaround but might appear as a shortcoming relative to other distributions.

 538 2010-02-012010-02-02Bug Report several programs not starting in live mode devel.versio ...ClosedGuenter Schlierf
Task Description

PLEASE be describable, clear, and direct. Think that we need to understand, found, and solve the bug.

Remember to set the Due in Version box into the next stable version number.

Thank you
In devel.version 1.9.58 and 1.9.59 - live mode - several programs cannot be started. Examples are synaptic and gparted

 537 2010-01-312010-02-01Bug Report Crashes E17!! ClosedAgustin Jose Verdegal Torrent
Task Description

Version 1.9.58 emodule places crashes totally e17.
Unable to use Elive.


 536 2010-01-312010-02-01Bug Report using scons 1.2 ClosedIssa2008
Task Description

can u use scons 1.2
because the 1.0 it’s too old, and i can’t instlal application, and install scons is difficult :
i can do it!

 535 2010-01-302017-08-25Bug Report improve grub with Burg ClosedIssa2008
Task Description

Maybe not for the 2.0 but for the 3.0 !!!
Look this :

 534 2010-01-292010-01-30Bug Report elive startup sound (live cd) much too loud on several  ...Closeda blez
Task Description

a problem for elive 1.9.56 and earlier versions up from about 1.9.30: (where older versions did not have this problem, but i don’t know exactly)

the startup elive sound is much too loud (almost breaking the speakers)

on Lenovo R61i (and probably other laptops of this brand)
on DELL Latitude C540 (and also other laptops of this brand)

i found a workaround:
after selection of language you add nosound to the command line options
then the sound will be just audible but not annoy your neighbourhood.

on other computers like Apple MacMini or Samsung the sound level is ok.

on Apple iMac elive does not sound at all.

 533 2010-01-292017-08-25Feature Request ican't remove ICEWEALS ClosedIssa2008
3.0 Task Description

i cna’t remove iceweals,
if i remove it on the synaptic or on the command line, all major importa packetage of Elive is gone :’(


and u can see on the picture
i have firefox, and i need to clik on the link and iceweals is lunch and bug, and i need when i click on the link on xchat or other program, go on firefox and not lunch iceweals.

thanks for u patient

 532 2010-01-292010-01-30Bug Report Net-connector ClosedSpirit
2.0 Task Description

Buenas tardes, el siguiente error es:
Cuando en un pc de mesa o un portátil se le añade un usb wifi, el pc lo detecta y lo monta pero a la hora de usar el net-connecto se vuelve loco y hace exploración cada segundo con lo cual no te deja ni elegir una red ni poder para la exploraciones de redes, con lo cual lo hace inservible.
Las pruebas fueron realizadas con un usb-wifi Wisacom.
P.D. En los portátiles con wifi integrada no tenemos este problema y el funcionamiento es correcto

 531 2010-01-272010-01-30Bug Report Impresoras ClosedSpirit
Task Description

Buenas noches, este bug es significativo desde e punto de vista de un usuario de nivel administrador pero a nivel de usuario no administrador es importante.
Empecemos, el administrador instala una impresora usb al pc portátil etc y la programa y la deja lista para que el usuario la use, aquí es cuando esta este pequeño fallo cuando el usuario sin conocimiento de la clave de root quiere imprimir algo enciende la impreso ya previamente instalada y sorpresa salta la autoconfiguracion de la impresora ya instalada pidiendo de nuevo la clave root que no sabe el usuario, el usuario puede imprimir lo que quiera pero se le quedara la dichosa ventana e incomoda de pedir la clave de root que el no posee.
La question:
Si ya tenemos una impresora instalada cuando esa dicha impresora la conectamos de nuevo porque salta la autoconfiguracion?

 529 2010-01-222010-01-30Bug Report Net-connector ClosedSpirit
Task Description

Al arrancar produce violación de segmento.
En ultima actualización a día de 22/01/2010

 528 2010-01-222010-01-30Bug Report net-connector segmentation fault ClosedAlexAnteMachina
Task Description


In 1.9.57 net-connector is not usable due to a segmentation fault!



 527 2010-01-132010-01-24Bug Report ATI driver won't work with ecomorph ClosedDragan Stojkovic
3.0 Task Description

I`m running 1.9.56 development Version on my Laptop with a X1300 Mobility radeon.
Compiz works under Ubuntu 9.10 out of the box. I use there the OSS ati driver.

On Elive there seems to be a bug with the included ati driver. I’ve tried several Notebooks with ATI graphic cards. None of them worked.
On every machine I’ve got the following message:

$> ecomorph 
ecomorph (core) - Fatal: No GLXFBConfig for default depth, this isn't going to work.
ecomorph (core) - Error: Failed to manage screen: 0
ecomorph (core) - Fatal: No manageable screens found on display :0.0

a compiz-check shows, that everything should be ok:

$> compiz-check 

Gathering information about your system...

 Distribution:          Debian GNU/Linux (5.0.3)
 Desktop environment:   Unknown
 Graphics chip:         ATI Technologies Inc M52 [Mobility Radeon X1300]
 Driver in use:         radeon
 Rendering method:      AIGLX

Checking if it's possible to run Compiz on your system...

 Checking for texture_from_pixmap...               [ OK ]
 Checking for non power of two support...          [ OK ]
 Checking for composite extension...               [ OK ]
 Checking for FBConfig...                          [ OK ]
 Checking for hardware/setup problems...           [ OK ]

To manualy compile the driver won’t work. It aborts.


 526 2009-12-292010-03-02Feature Request touchpad settings (speed) and other possibilities ClosedRoman Vik
2.0 Task Description

Is there any GUI interface WORKING how to setup behavior of touchpad? DELL D620, D600.. is not possible to use with touchpad, only with joypad - touchpad toooooo slow.. I know about Xorg.conf “tuning” but didn’t work.. And about setup the touchpad to work as a scroll ?

 525 2009-12-292010-03-02Feature Request Help with settings the of the critical state of battery ...ClosedRoman Vik
2.0 Task Description

The system recognized well the charging but when discharging it gives the warning message about critical low battery few seconds before system totally collapse cause no power - about 20 sec... So, where to set it to another value? The measurement of the battery status shows about 30% when there is nothing left.. I have new high-capacity battery so there is no probability about non-linear electricity discharging..

 524 2009-12-292010-01-21Feature Request always visible gadgets not only by pressing ctrl+alt+g ClosedRoman Vik
3.0 Task Description

I think this shoul be nice feature and maybe easy to do.. Add this feature to possiblities settings of feature - for example to have watch all the time above the windows or volume or others often needed..

 523 2009-12-292010-01-25Bug Report CPU goverment strange after plugging to power from batt ...ClosedRoman Vik
2.0 Task Description

The CPU speed stand still low even after plugging power cord to adapter and the speed doesn’t grow up to full or to medium possibility. Still low power-saved mode. I have installed advanced power management, powertweak and gnome power management-the new one feature.

 522 2009-12-292010-03-02Bug Report VLC (+plugin) Mpayer (+plugin) stopped playback windows ...ClosedRoman Vik
2.0 Task Description

I’ve read about this problem and it’s not problem of elive, it’s global problem and I don’t know solution. Mplayer and VLC stopped playback video and mozilla plugin doesn’t work. Win32codecs have installed but it seems like VLC and Mplayer are unable to find them. Kaffeine/Kmplayer/Xine/gxine plugin.. all of them works still but these two - mplayer (the root of elive) and VLC don’t...

 521 2009-12-292010-03-02Bug Report power down / restart / logout dialog ClosedRoman Vik
2.0 Task Description

Every time, even for the first time with nothing installed there is a dialog at the time of logging out/powering down/restarting that this process takes too long time and I have to confirm what I want to do - shut down system..

 520 2009-12-292010-03-02Bug Report hibernate works only in root mode ClosedRoman Vik
2.0 Task Description

Don’t know if it’s bug from distro or from my “work” on installed distro.. Well, command hibernate from terminal in root mode works great but from keyboard hotkey settings of from shut down dialog doesn’t work and it claims I have no hibernate able computer..

 519 2009-12-272010-01-20Bug Report Esu to have a "close" or "cancel" button Closedioannis dimitriadis
Task Description

In Menu>Settings>Settings Panel>System, when “Esu” is called, the window asking for root password lacks in my opinion a “close” or “cancel” button.
This could be handy for someone who selected the wrong setting to open, a user that does not know the root password, or anyone who finally prefers to just cancel the requested action.

Additionally, the text about Esu when it asks for password is presently :
“Welcome to Esu, this program will give you access to other users providing you have there password.” This text could be improved and become :
“Welcome to Esu, this program will give you access to other users provided you have their password.” (italics to show corrections)

 518 2009-12-252010-01-20Bug Report 1.9.54 Synaptic missing ClosedAlexAnteMachina
1 Task Description

After installing 1.9.54 I found that Synaptic is missing!
I simply installed it via “apt-get install synaptic”. But I really wonder why Synaptic isn’t installed by default. All elive-dev Versions before came with Synaptic installed by default.

 517 2009-12-242010-03-13Bug Report Problems changing the theme!! ClosedAgustin Jose Verdegal Torrent
3.0 Task Description

Well every time you change the theme, the GTK switcher appears and the startup sound is quite annoying.
Version 1.9.54


 516 2009-12-152010-01-20Bug Report Keyboard qwertz setting ClosedGandowitz
Task Description

The Keyboard setting qwertz is still falling back to qwerty after a reboot or log-off.
It’s on:, and
The bug is up to 1 or 2 packages I install from elive-repo,
Nvidia-xconfig and/or Nvidia-settings (I need them for my 2. Monitor)

 515 2009-12-142017-08-25Feature Request Some Feature-Requests ClosedAlexAnteMachina
3.0 Task Description

Today I’m posting things I noticed during last weeks that might need some Improvement:

-Streaming Sound via Bluetooth without manually setting pcm-device=bluetooth

-Thumbnail-Preview for iBox

-Lowering default Startup-Sound volume in LiveCD

-Mention Intel-Mac-ONLY on website!!



 514 2009-12-142009-12-16Bug Report Screen Resolution cannot be changed ClosedAlexAnteMachina
Task Description

After upgrading from 1.9.51 to 1.9.52 the Screenresolution was set too high.
-I’ve used the Upgrade-Elive tool.
-I tried changing the resoultion back to 1280×1024 by using both: The tool provided in Elpanel “xconfigurator” and also the Enlightenment Configuration.

-Elpanel’s Tool xconfigurator seems to be doing nothing.
-Enlightenment Configuration returned an Errormessage, telling X-Server is missing XRandR.

 513 2009-12-032017-08-02Bug Report Wifi problem on Dell D410 ClosedGuillaume hatt
3.01 Task Description

I use elive installed on a Dell D410 laptop with Broadcom BCM4311 wifi card. I can see networks, but I’m unable to connect to anyone because dhclient is unable to obtain an IP address.
I tried other wifi cards (Realtek, D-Link), and it is always same problem. All these cards are supported by Debian Lenny or Ubuntu 8.04.
I really like elive and wouldn’t go back to Lenny because of this wifi problem.

Thanks for help.
G. Hatt

uname -r:

lspci :
00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/PM/GMS/910GML Express Processor to DRAM Controller (rev 03)
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller (rev 03)
00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller (rev 03)
00:1c.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) PCI Express Port 1 (rev 03)
00:1d.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) USB UHCI #1 (rev 03)
00:1d.1 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) USB UHCI #2 (rev 03)
00:1d.2 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) USB UHCI #3 (rev 03)
00:1d.3 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) USB UHCI #4 (rev 03)
00:1d.7 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) USB2 EHCI Controller (rev 03)
00:1e.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 82801 Mobile PCI Bridge (rev d3)
00:1e.2 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) AC’97 Audio Controller (rev 03)
00:1e.3 Modem: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) AC’97 Modem Controller (rev 03)
00:1f.0 ISA bridge: Intel Corporation 82801FBM (ICH6M) LPC Interface Bridge (rev 03)
00:1f.1 IDE interface: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) IDE Controller (rev 03)
01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5751 Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express (rev 01)
02:01.0 CardBus bridge: Texas Instruments PCI6515 Cardbus Controller
02:01.5 Communication controller: Texas Instruments PCI6515 SmartCard Controller
02:03.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 [AirForce 54g] 802.11a/b/g PCI Express Transceiver (rev 02)

 512 2009-12-022017-08-26Bug Report Protected EAP (PEAP) network authentication support? Closedlean moha
3.0 Task Description


Just wondering if there is a way to get elive to access a wireless network using Protected EAP (PEAP) as WPA authentication.

I have installed FreeRadius from synaptic but don’t know how to configure it.

 511 2009-11-202010-01-20Bug Report File Managment and History ClosedGandowitz
Task Description

Elive - Asus G1s, 4GB ram, nvidia 8600gt-m, HD 160gb

Elive is running on sda1 30gb, swap is sda2 6gb, sda3 is 110gb datastore.
I’ve erased 60gb from sda3 to get more free space. Than I tried to copy 80gb Musicfiles(flac, ogg, mp3)from an ext hd to sda3. After copying near 30gb the prozess stopped with an errormessage: no more free space. I ereased everything on sda3 but after that the same result. Than I took GParted to try another filesystem (fat32). Gparted did his job but as I started Thunar, the Manager shows me that there are still all files on sda3 and no more free space. Gparted shows a free sda3.
A check under windows shows, Gparted is right, sda3 is free. Copying 80gb musicfiles to sda3 works also fine.

So there’s a prob with Filemanagment, Thunar or cache.


 510 2009-11-152010-01-20Bug Report Forecast gadget outdated info ClosedSaulius
Task Description

setings are saying use yahoo, but i found http://www.weather.com/ codes from url do a trick, they work

yahoo already uses something different, so no use from new url code:
http://weather.yahoo.com/lithuania/kaunas-county/kaunas-475457/ http://img149.imageshack.us/img149/3248/forecast.jpg

as example, Kaunas - Lithuania: at

i took from it “LHXX0002” and thats exactly what i needet ;]

 509 2009-11-142010-01-20Bug Report When coming out of suspend mode sound does not work Closedray
Task Description

I am using suspend when I am not using my gateway computer. When I brought it back up, the sound was not working.

 508 2009-11-112010-01-20Bug Report HP paviliion dv7-2170 ClosedChristopher Snelgrove
Task Description

I have dual booted a HP paviliion dv7-2170us with dev version 1.9.5 [i think] of elive & vista. it is x64 architecture. These are the bugs that I am finding:

[1] unrecognized file system when rebooting into vista; this doesn’t always happen though, so I wondered if it had anything to do with selecting full ntfs support when I installed. I reinstalled using the read only but unmounted by default option which has not corrected it.

[2] soundcard only plays through subwoofer speakers at bottom of device, leaving the primary speakers unused; this results in a horrible sound.

[3] no 3d, but I haven’t spent much time trying to fix this yet, but it is an ATI radeon HD 4650 with 1024 MB video RAM, so it would be nice to utilise it.

 507 2009-11-052010-01-20Feature Request tv cards dont work  ClosedK'
Task Description

My tv card do not work whith tvtime and any other program, I installed tvtime in debian lenny 5.0 and it got work but in elive unstable do not work, my tv card is a pinnacle whith chip philips, if someone can helpme whit this bug it is important to me.

 506 2009-11-012009-12-23Bug Report NVIDIA FX 5700LE 640x480 only Closedhernan m
Task Description

livecd 1.9.51
The live cd bootups, i choosed nvidia 173...driver (recomended by the system), resolution 1280×1024, but no way, the screen is shown on 640×480, after taht i tried with al the drivers avaliable on the elivecd without luck.

Opcions Panel > screen > screen resolution: shows only avaliable 640×480

xorg.conf shows

Section “Device”

Identifier	"Configured Video Device"
Driver		"nvidia"


Section “Monitor”

Identifier	"Configured Monitor"


Section “Screen”

Identifier	"Default Screen"
Monitor		"Configured Monitor"
SubSection	"Display"
	Modes    "1280x1024"
      DefaultDepth	24


Section “Extensions”

 Option       "RANDR"     "enable"
 Option       "RENDER"    "enable"
 Option       "Composite" "enable"


Section “dri”

      Mode 0666


The same thing happened with a FX7200

 505 2009-11-012017-08-25Bug Report 1.9.42 compiz - wlan0 .... kernel panic!! RTL-818 ...Closedhernan m
3.0 Task Description

1.9.42 compiz live cd cant boot up, the machine get frizzed with this error msg on screen:

Network device wlan0 detected, DHCP broadcasting for ip. [ 40.783723] Kernel panic - not syncing: HwthreeWire() CmdReg: 0XFF RE|WE bits are not clear!!

I have to say that on 1.0 this realtek (RTL-8185) pci wifi board didnt work (the system did not recognized it), but livecd have been loaded ok, the instalation was ok, and the system was full working
On 1.9.50 / 51 the wifiboard works perfectly

 504 2009-11-012017-08-25Feature Request MSI 5200le onli 640x480 resolution avaliable Closedhernan m
3.0 Task Description

Elive cant mannage this video board, msi5200le (nvidia), no way to make it work in higher resolution than 640×480

 503 2009-10-292010-03-02Bug Report LVM install error Elive 1.9.51  ClosedMurray T
2.0 Task Description

Install using LVM gives the error message: “/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol06 is mounted; will not make a filesystem here!”

Created 11 lvm logical volumes thru Sabayon 5 install with LogVol06 as spare partition of 10.gb. Tried to select LogVol06 as / and got the above error message. Tried twice with ext4 and ext3.

Hp desktop, Amd x2, 3gb ram. Elive 1.9.51, Separate /boot partition of 10 gb. Logical volumes /home /usr /opt /var /tmp.

Hope this can get resolved , Love Elive. Best wishes Murray

 502 2009-10-272010-01-20Bug Report '@' don't work in acer aspire one (italian installation ...Closedledi
Task Description

i have installed elive 1.9.51 on a acer aspire one A150L but i can’t write any symbol like @,# and any other symbol that needs ALT GR. the keyboard is italian and it’s well configured.

a strange thing is that i can write them only in the command launcher (alt+esc). in any other applications they don’t work.

 501 2009-10-242010-03-02Bug Report Keyboard Bug and frozen System. ClosedGandowitz
2.0 Task Description


my System:
Notebook Asus G1s, Dualcore Intel 7500 - 2,2GHz, 4GB Ram, Nvidia m8600GT, running on a second Monitor.
Elive 1.51 Dev - lang=de

The Bugs:

1. Keyboard - Live works fine in German with QWERTZ Keyboard. The installed System is in German but the Keyboard falls back to QWERTY. If I change it with Elpanel QWERTZ works only for the actual Session, after Log-Off or Reboot the Keyboard is falling back to QWERTY and didn’t save my settings. There is one Error Message while changing:
Die Konfigurationsdatei /etc/default/console-setup spezifiziert eine Tastaturbelegung und -variante, die von dem Konfigurationsprogramm nicht unterstützt wird. Deshalb werden keine Fragen über die Tastaturbelegung gestellt und Ihre gegenwärtige Konfiguration wird erhalten.

a) The System freeze while trying Themes and changing them for a few times. I have to break the session with ctrl alt f1/f2.
b) or if its not freezing there comes an Error Message like: enlightment is crashing, recover or exit.

Thx and LG

 500 2009-10-212010-01-20Bug Report no more sound in elive development ClosedRoberto
Task Description

Version 1.9.32 updated three weeks ago with ‘aptitude update && aptitude safe-upgrade && aptitude dist-upgrade’

I have since two days no more sound. No more enlightenment-sound-gadget, nothing
with alsamixer. The only way is to give as root ‘alsa reload’. So sound came back, but
alsamixer continue to display no channels.
Tried to reconfigure sound with elivepanel, with ‘audiomanager’, with ‘audio-configurator’ but nothing change. Just ‘alsa reload’

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